Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brent Logo Finalists

Emma has been helping out now and it looks like we may have some winners.  I played around with the color and font.  Brent decided he likes the football design so we are going with that.  Emma spiced it up  and we are waiting to hear back from Brent on the final OK.  Then we will mock up some letterhead, cards, signs, etc.


Pedernales Falls State Park

Time for some family time away from the rigors of modern life.  I came home from work on Wed and told everyone we were going camping.  Beautiful weather and kids are homeschooled.  This is partly why we decided to pull them out of school.  They are in school everyday from 7 to 4 whith enough homework piled on them that they have just enough time to get it done before dinner and bed.  No free time and they don’t want to go outside during their summer vacation due to the heat.  The winters in TX are awesome and we want to take full advantage.

We were in a rush to get to the park before the office closed, that had to barrow some fire from the neighboring campers.  No matches.  We discovered a few think we needed to bring on our next emergency camping trip and are going to make a kit to bring with us.  I would really like to get a popup camper so we can do this more often.  Since I am already on the HOA watch list, I should probably wait until we move.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk or Treat/Chili Cook-off

Every year the various wards do what's called a Trunk or Treat where everyone parks their cars in the church parking lot and the kids go from car to car trick-or-treating.  We go to all the wards trunk or treat parties in the stake then take all the kids candy that gets taken away because the are not following the candy rules and hand it out on Halloween.  Taya did everyone's face art.  Forgot to take pictures of the chili.  Just imagine several crock pots of beans and meat in various brown colors.  Now imagine tasting them and some are REALLY spicy, some yummy, and some yucky.  Now imagine the kids not eating any and only going for the deserts.  That’s exactly how it way.  Were you there too?

Picture 23Picture 25Picture 26Picture 29Picture 31Picture 35Picture 38Picture 41Picture 52Picture 44Picture 45Picture 46

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dr Brent Powell Logo Design

The time has come.  Brent ask me to help him out with his Logo design and so we are currently brain storming some ideas.  Here is the process so far: (Let me know what you think and which one is your favorite so far)
1.  Hate it
2.  Better, but still hate it.
3.  Dont want to confuse the customer about name.
4.  Um, cant read it very well and want to get away from stereo typical dentist signs. (No teeth or tooth brushes)
5.  Um… No
6.  This one is nice, maybe with some color.
7.  Emma says child is hanging itself.  (Not somthing we want to convey to the customer.)
8.  Better, Waiting for feedback from Brent.
9.  More simplistic
10.  Maybe too simple…
11.  Design idea from Emma, waiting to hear back from Brent.
12.  Proabaly not going to go with “P in the box”  Business does not cover Urology yet.
13.  First Design with the Happy face as the “O”
14.  I like this one (Troy)
15.  And this one is much happier (Troy)
16.  A compilation of a few of the other ideas.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I find out if my car is totaled

I got a call from Progressive this morning and they think my car is not worth the effort to repair.  My options:
1.  They give me $1600 and let me keep the car
2.  They give me $2600 and they keep it
I went over to their shop to take a look.  (see below)
IMG_4396 IMG_4397 IMG_4398 IMG_4399 IMG_4400 IMG_4401
It doesnt look all the bad to me.  I figure I can pick up a new gate for about $600 and a new bumper for not too much more than that.  the latch should be good as new after a few whacks with a hammer.  So I am going to try and pick it up today and repair it this weekend if I have time.  I may try to give may dad a call to see if he needs another vacation down to TX for some good clean fun.  :)