Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sketchup Is the Best.

Just thought I would post my favorite FREE cad program. Sketchup is the best CAD program I have used. It is open source, and a lot of people write Ruby scripts that expand the abilities of the program beyond that of any other 3d cad program. This is the tutorial that started it all for me: (Tutorial by Gary Katz)

As a result of viewing this video I created this computer desk in about an hour:
I now do all of my projects in Sketchup before I realize them. Here is where I post all my ongoing projects:
ThePalsRus Sketchup Projects
I only wish that I could manufacture the project in as little time as it takes me to create it in Sketchup. I understand they are making some headway in 3d printers, but I think there is still a little work to do when it comes to printing good hardwoods. :-)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Levi's New Treehouse Bed

I am debating on whether to put a small roof on it or not. Problem is that if he stands up on his bed, the ceiling fan will decapitate him. And I just installed a metal fan with razor sharp blades. If I raise the fan more than 6 inches, it will hit the sloped ceiling in his room. He is really excited about the new bed.

This is the ultimate design for his room. The benches are replacing his dresser. Fake campfire just in case you were concerned. :)